M*tigate Consultants is a boutique enterprise risk management and insurance consulting firm. We provide in house, on-demand analysts to small and medium size firms. We understand the cyclical nature of many Canadian industries and the reactive behavior that comes with changing market conditions. The value of our services and

on-demand approach allows companies to rapidly adapt to changing climates while simultaneously reducing risk, cost and loss.


Sharon Fox is President & Principal Consultant of M*tigate Consultants.  She is an enterprise risk and corporate insurance specialist with experience in claims, risk management, insurance consulting and enterprise health & safety. Prior to founding M*tigate (formerly Golden Girl Mining) Sharon worked for a top tier consulting firm on complex risk management solutions for clients in the mining, power and engineering sectors.

Sharon is an  Honours graduate of the Business-Insurance program at Seneca College.  She is a Chartered Insurance Professional, a Certified Risk Manager and has recently been invited to participate in a Women's Business Accelerator program funded by Deloitte, BDC and the National Science Research Council of Canada. She is a proud member of Young Mining Professionals, Women in Mining and Toronto Insurance Women’s Association.



Sharon has developed an impressive mining acumen and has demonstrated the ability to evaluate and understand challenging risks. She is a leader in negotiating coverage and often drives considerable cost savings. Her skill-set is a vitally important  asset that is generally unavailable to SME's and their finance teams.

Lewis Lawrick , Director
 Anaconda Mining

Sharon's expertise would be an asset to any explorer or producer.  Now that we have our final mining permit, she will be instrumental in developing and maintaining the risk management and insurance programs for Golden Reign during construction and ramp up.  The on-demand approach is perfect given our strict cash flow and varying needs during development. 

Kevin Bullock, CEO
Golden Reign Resources 

It was a pleasure working with Sharon. Not only does she have the technical knowledge to master complex programs, she is also reliable and resourceful in finding the solutions that work best. She exemplifies what it means to go above and beyond.

Gloria Dang, Risk Manager



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